MY BOOKS MY BOOKS DETOURS OF THE HEART Maggie Cavanaugh has lived for many years under the thumb of her controlling husband, Blaine, when she receives unexpected news about him. At age 60, Maggie begins, for the first time, to make choices which alter her life. She returns to her hometown in Maine, where she reconnects with old friends and meets some intriguing new ones. As she settles into her new life in Harbor View, Maine, Maggie begins to realize that her marriage was challenging at best and stifling at worst. As she takes control of her life, she begins to direct her own destiny. With the help of her children and her friends, she starts to understand what she really wants in her life. Does Maggie find the happiness she?s seeking? Detours of the Heart is the story of Maggie Cavanaugh's quest to find the life that will bring her the happiness that she so richly deserves. 191128654 STONY CREEK DINER Twenty years ago, Meredith Parker Banning left her hometown of Stony Creek, Montana, vowing never to return. She recently received an invitation to her twenty-year class reunion, which she had no intention of attending until an unexpected family crisis calls her back to Stony Creek. Since Meredith is back in town and against her better judgment, she goes to the reunion which forces her to deal with old demons from her past. During the gathering, she nervously faces Dakota Morgan, who has loved her since she was a teenager, evoking a flood of emotions in Meredith she had not expected. The purpose of Meredith's visit was to make peace with her ailing, abusive mother, but she arrived too late. Meredith is stunned when she learns what her mother has left her, leaving her to make life-changing decisions that will affect her and others. The story is fact paced with twists and turns and unexpected outcomes.( 191128653 A TIME TO REBOOT - A Stony Creek Novel Deputy Sawyer Mackenzie is tired of big city crime. After the recent murder of a colleague , she browses the internet and discovers an opening for a position in Stony Creek, Montana. Desperate to leave Florida, she applies, and---sight unseen---she's hired. Adjusting to small town life has its challenges for a city girl, especially a female officer. Her first case involves a verbal combat with Retired USMC Gunnery Sergeant, Jethro Byrd, who clearly doubts her abilities when she's called to investigate vandalism on his ranch. Although Jethro is her biggest adversary, Sawyer feels an unexpected attraction to him. Did Sawyer make a mistake moving to Stony Creek? Will she find acceptance in the small town and live up to her male counterparts expectations, or will they thwart her every attempt to fit in? Will she find love or heartbreak? 195933605