Stony Creek Diner by Sharon  Allen deals with a human condition that almost everyone faces: fear and insecurity from childhood. After reading this book, Allen will have fans eagerly awaiting her next release. 

Quoted as: Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I typically read historical romance or modern romances and this fit perfectly into my style of read.

The author did an amazing job of keeping you current with the characters, more so than many authors (which is ALOT, I read about 3 books a WEEK). Its not very often we get back stories on the characters in novels and these were brief but very concise and immediately connected me with each character in some way.

I went through so many emotions with this book and I literally cried all types of tears (when words move you to tears, you know its powerful and impactful)

I suggest this book to anyone who love romance and chivalry. Its not too short (where you feel like you didn't get your money's worth) and its not so long that you feel you've lost your interest, it will keep you in the story the entire way!

I am waiting for every new book Sharon writes, I can't wait for the next one.

Tammy Jo Smith

 If you enjoy romance novels, then this is one you don't want to miss. The book has wonderfully named characters, and the reader will find them interesting enough to begin liking or disliking certain ones. Sharon has a way of drawing her readers into the story by bringing out the character's personality, making the story realistic. An added plot that readers will enjoy is how Sharon weaves in man's best friend. Without giving away what happens, and if you're old enough to remember then you may identify with what I'm talking about--Old Yeller. The novel is easy to read, fast-paced with twists and turns to keep the reader's interest and not disappointed when the story ends.

Lorraine M. Harris
I just finished reading "Stony Creek Diner" by Sharon Allen and am sad it's done. Sharon is such a master at building characters that you feel invested in the lives of the story's characters. I have never been to Montana, but her descriptions made me feel as though I was there right along with the characters. The story line did not disappoint . Twists and turns made the story exciting and hard to put down. This is Sharon's second book and I felt the same way after the first one. I look forward with great anticipation to the next one.
Patricia Petretti
 I just hated for this book to end.I loved it.I can't wait for Sharon to write another book.This book made my cry, made me happy and I was in suspence so many times thinking I knew what was coming next..I was wrong and it surprised me lol..I wish there was another book coming out to keep this one going.Ty Sharon for being such a super writer and making so many people smile..
Glenice Ashton
I enjoyed reading this very lovely story of love, friendship and emotion. It is a very heartwarming story, which makes you think about the goodness of others and of coming home. Meredith comes home and opens a diner, a gift from her deceased Mother, and while doing so, rediscovers love. I enjoyed how all of the characters' lives ended so happily amidst the problems that loomed in their lives. How wonderful that they found love. What more could one ask for? This book left me with such a good feeling. It is definitely a recommended read!
Sharon Stankus

A Time to Reboot

My HUGE SHOUT OUT goes to Sharon Holbrook Allen and her latest book, A Time To Reboot. Sharon came to us over a year ago just visiting the farm and we have loved seeing her many times over the last year not only for the love of alpacas but to also do research! We are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to have our names of acknowledgment in her book! We feel so privileged to be a small part of such a wonderful book and writer! Sorry for the delay but had to read it before! A mix of a romance novel and a mystery novel rolled into one with alpacas!!!!! A MUST READ for all but ALL my alpaca people as well! What a joy to read about one of the main characters acquiring an alpaca farm in the book and knowing our farm and our babies were described! Thank you again Sharon, we are forever in print and you in our hearts! Now enough gushing, go grab the book, what a great gift, a wonderful read and a must have for all!!!!!…/…/1502820730/ref=sr_1_2…





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